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It Gets Better

With EasyTransfer, it doesn’t just get easier, it gets better. Our platform helps institutions save time and increase efficiency by making vast improvements in these areas: Customization, Reconciliation, Collection, Security and Support.

Services tailored for you

Custom care

EasyTransfer's custom built API means seamless integration with your current accounting systems, processes and work flow. Through text, email or messages, we can send out branded communications configured for you.

Reconciliation, complete

Stay in control with the administrative dashboard. Meanwhile, save time as EasyTransfer helps you simplify reconciliation by automating the process of matching received payments to bank statements, thanks to our seamless reconciliation system customized for every institution.

Collection simplified

EasyTransfer can send documented batch disbursements and automatically reconcile the batch for individual payments. This allows us to further lower fees for students and help your staff reduce workload, so they can focus on the most important tasks.

Security first

When you entrust EasyTransfer to securely handle your student payments, you will no longer need to share your institution's banking information publicly in China. Our platform helps eliminate payment errors, reduce overpayments and minimize tuition fraud, because everyone deserves a peace of mind.

Support, anytime.

EasyTransfer’s professional 7 days-a-week customer support isn’t just for students, it’s for you too. We are here to help with any issues during payment reconciliation. Rest assured that we have you covered when students and families on the other side of earth need assistance in the middle of the night.

Account Reconciliation Built for You

EasyTransfer provides students with a variety of international payment channels, from expedited to economical options, and in-betweens. With transparent, up-front processing fees under $30, our user interface allows students to track their transactions in real time and online, from currency exchange to wire transfer to payment received. A text message is immediately delivered to the student when their payment is received by the destination institution.

Rev. Louis Sojka

“We have always been completely satisfied. EasyTransfer provides a reliable and expedient means for us to receive payments from our Chinese students…They do an excellent job communicating with the family and with us until the transaction is complete. I am happy to recommend the services of EasyTransfer."

// Business Manager at Mount Micheal Benedictine School
Jason Chu

"My mom used to have to go to the bank in person to make US dollar conversions and fill out a paper form for international wire transfer. EasyTransfer takes everything online so we don’t have to spend a day at the bank, and the fees are also cheaper. I’ve been using EasyTransfer to pay my tuition, deposits, rent and other fees ever since."

// Class of 2019, University of California, Davis
Clarisse Xu

“The customer support at EasyTransfer is better than that at any bank I have used in China. My personal customer service specialist, Ada, was very helpful and answered any questions that I had. She also guided me through the online payment process step-by-step because I was not familiar with my computer. We still chat from time to time.”

// Parent of student at New York University
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