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Students save 96% of their time by using EasyTransfer over bank wire transfer.

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Tuition payment simplified

EasyTransfer is designed for international students studying abroad. Our platform streamlines the entire traditional bank wire transfer process and takes it online:

① Domestic Online Banking Integration
② Intelligent Exchange Rate Protection
③ Automated Foreign Currency Exchange Approval
④ Personal Customer Service Specialist
⑤ Payment Coverage for Unexpected Delays

Domestic Online Banking Integration

Pay tuition from any device with just a few taps. EasyTransfer is integrated across all platforms with mainstream Chinese banks, so students and parents can pay within their mobile banking app, through online banking or EasyTransfer’s website.

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EasyTransfer provides students with a variety of international payment channels, from expedited to economical options, and in-betweens. With transparent, up-front processing fees under $30, our user interface allows students to track their transactions in real time and online, from currency exchange to wire transfer to payment received. A text message is immediately delivered to the student when their payment is received by the destination institution.

Intelligent Exchange Rate Protection

Pay tuition of any currency, always at the best exchange rate. EasyTransfer offers transparent exchange rates and protects students from continuous rate fluctuations. Our A.I. platform monitors and predicts changes, notifying students to modify their payment should a better rate occurs in the next 24 hours.

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When a tuition payment order is submitted, you don’t pay just yet. To protect against continuous exchange rate fluctuations, our system locks in a wholesale/mid-market exchange rate at the time of the order. You have the option to pay at that exchange rate in the next 24 hours. If the exchange rate falls during this period of time, simply cancel the order, submit again and you’ll be able to pay at the better rate. Registered users enjoy free intelligent exchange rate predictions and monitoring, helping you find the most optimal opportunity to submit a payment order and save more.

Automated Foreign Currency Exchange Approval

Make your life abroad easier with more local currency to spend. EasyTransfer makes payments exclusively for educational purposes, freeing up tuition costs from the government-imposed annual $50,000/person foreign currency exchange quota. Now, you can exchange for more local currency when you study abroad.

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In China, every person who wishes to exchange Chinese Yuan has an annual foreign currency exchange quota limited to $50,000 for personal use. Educational expenses are not included in this quota, but most Chinese families do not receive this exemption when they make a currency exchange at their local bank. Bank associates are usually not familiar with the exemption application, which also requires verification of numerous documents and takes days to approve. EasyTransfer streamlines and simplifies the process to immediate pre-approval by taking everything online with our professionally trained customer service specialists, allowing students and their families to pay tuition in Chinese Yuan without taking up their personal quota.

Personal Customer Service Specialist

Our experienced customer service specialists provide one to one all-inclusive support via phone or chat. EasyTransfer’s professional customer service team has years of experience from working in the financial services sector. The team supports students and parents throughout the payment process, from locating their tuition bill to verifying that payments are received.

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EasyTransfer's professional customer service specialists make it easy for students and their families to make payments online 24/7, in China or abroad. Each multilingual personal specialist is familiar with payment reception accounts, bill payment deadlines and billing processes at their dedicated educational institutions. Our personal specialists support students and their families in real time, across different time zones by WeChat, phone and email.

Payment Coverage for Unexpected Delays

Making your payment on time should never be a problem. For orders placed in time before payment deadlines, if any unexpected delays do occur in the EasyTransfer payment process, we will cover the payment to guarantee that it arrives on time.

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